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Autocompletetype Asp.net Textbox


Terms of UseSite FeedbackPrivacy Policy Powered by Progress Sitefinity Developer Network Developer Network Developer Sign in MSDN subscriptions Get tools Downloads Visual Studio MSDN subscription access SDKs Trial software Free downloads In my case, I am using linkbuttons and they do not fire a form submit. Back to Top Close .NET TOOLBOX DevCraft MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Telerik Platform DIGITAL CONTENT & EXPERIENCE Progress Sitefinity SOFTWARE QUALITY Test Studio Get Products Free Trials Pricing Solutions Enterprise Partners Resources up vote 3 down vote favorite The ASP.Net TextBox control has an AutoCompleteType property that takes an AutoCompleteType enumeration value. this contact form

I've tried removing the items from the IE Autocomplete, but the next time I type something in and press enter, the problem reappears. gives you just autocomplete for the stuff you want, not for browser history.PERFECT! Navneel Bhanot 1/14/2009 11:33 PM Thanks a lot Amir Ali 2/7/2009 1:21 PM Thanks alot for explaning this perfectly...specially regarding the visual studio showing the red curly line below the tag... Could u please help abc 9/18/2006 6:43 AM Hi I am trying to enable autocomplete , when its off on IE . this content

Autocompletetype Asp.net Textbox

AutoCompleteType="car" ... />in Visual Studio, the page will not compile - I get the error Cannot create an object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.AutoCompleteType' from its string representation 'car' for the 'AutoCompleteType' property. Any textboxes that use a specific string will start autocompleting from the same shared list of previous entries. You can disable the AutoComplete feature for a TextBox control by setting the AutoCompleteType property to AutoCompleteType.Disabled.Refer to your browser documentation for details on configuring and enabling the AutoComplete feature. The HTML INPUT tags also support the use of autocomplete=off and since the control renders asINPUT tags then you can use it to set it on a control by control

in Mozilla..Is there any solution for this?Thanks & Regards,Pallavi #61739329 Jun 2011 04:38PraveenJoined:01/02/2011Level:SilverPoints:101Points:2hi pallavi.,try this one....For Firefox:Either:Or from the CodeBehind:Textbox1.Attributes.Add("autocomplete", "off");

#61739529 Jun 2011 04:46pallaviJoined:03/06/2009Level:SilverPoints:105Points:1Hi Praveen,Thank you for your customizable? How to respond when someone praises about my Japanese? Jquery Autocomplete Solution 2: This solution works in all browsers.


Textbox1.Attributes.Add("autocomplete", "off"); Reply hoodedperson...

umlaute not rendered correctly Code ladder, Cops A question on the terminal in ubuntu Should I have doubts if the organizers of a workshop ask me to sign a behavior agreement Asp.net Textbox Autocomplete Off Both browsers have autocomplete enabled and regular TextBoxes work fine. Adrian Stannard 10/24/2006 2:55 AM autocomplete="off" doesn't appear to work with firefox! http://stackoverflow.com/questions/241166/autocomplete-off-not-working-in-ie-asp-net The default value is None.Exceptions Exception Condition ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionThe selected value is not one of the System.Web.UI.WebControls.AutoCompleteType enumeration values.RemarksTo assist with data entry, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later and some other

Browse other questions tagged asp.net internet-explorer controls autocomplete or ask your own question. i ve to block tat one.... Can you send a simple demo? There is even an enumeration for AutoCompleteType.Disabled, which adds the appropriate autocomplete="off" attribute for you.

Asp.net Textbox Autocomplete Off

Extract csv from .shp files? http://www.telerik.com/forums/autocompletetype-has-no-effect if the user double-clicks the textbox it lists the already entered text... Autocompletetype Asp.net Textbox Aug 31, 2008 09:47 AM|NC01|LINK Shouldn't it be: TextBox1.AutoCompleteType = AutoCompleteType.Disabled; Or: NC... Autocomplete Off Not Working In Ie A fix is to override the __doPostback javascript function to get autosave values to save.

nak 3/24/2007 5:05 AM autocomplete property not found for asp:TextBox Ryan Farley 3/24/2007 7:00 AM nak, This is mentioned in the article. Is there any way for a planet orbiting a red dwarf in the habitable zone to not be tidally locked? Microsoft likes to "help" and gives you a limited list of selections via the enumeration. Submit New Thread Return to Return to Discussion Forum Top ContributorsTodayPhagu Mahato (8)Bhavik (5)agathabijoux (5)Last 7 DaysPhagu Mahato (60)Manigandan (31)shashikant (30)more...Email subscription.NET Jobs.NET Articles.NET Forums Articles Rss Feeds Forum Rss Feeds Autocomplete Textbox C# Web Application

Add weight to one side of a see-saw to balance it Encasing a star in a perfect insulator Can I sell a stock immediately? As for your second question - using RequiredFieldValidator with RadInputManager and EmptyMessage is not supported, because the validator cannot know whether the empty message is an empty message or a valid if (document.all) { window.external.AutoCompleteSaveForm(theform); } // Set back to original WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions. navigate here From the article above: "Now you won't get the auto complete on any of the controls on the form, works for any browser that supports auto-complete.

Why is looping over find's output bad practice? All TextBox controls --> Category: