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At&t Service Outage Map


Blessing in that I now know not to ever get uverse TV. Probably gonna have to call them again to get them to check that landline. Rebecca Rochester, ny CJ I live in Atlanta, I have not had service since about 7 PM tonight Chris Dickens No internet service in Watertown, TN on my phone. All Rights Reserved. http://theweblive.net/att-uverse/att-uverse-service-light-blinking-green.html

internet and u-verse services going in and out all night @mltor @comcastcares hey @att @attcares here i come...looks like you'll have a new customer since @comcast refuses to fix the problem Many will ask the question “Is AT&T down in my area?” and below is where you will see many comments coming in, if you are having problems such as an AT&T That was before ATT finally said there was an outage. Service went down around 2:00-2:30 p.m.

At&t Service Outage Map

At that time I was assured there would be no more charges and I thanked the customer service rep and we hung up. Once the high water resides, matenence will begin. Down all day Internet and tv. We were told since childhood, well it is so true.

Why did I do to the trouble of switching for no improvement in speed or reliability? So, I went back to U-verse. My U-verse phone went dead again.I was sitting in front of the computer and glanced over at my cordless phone, and there was the "No Line" flashing on the screen. Cell Phone Outage Claim they are on-site.

I pay my bill on time EVERY TIME!!! At&t Outage Today 2016 It is never the same price, much less the price I was quoted. What happened???!!!! https://www.att.com/esupport/index.jsp?product=homephone The TV was working ok.Furious, because this was the third time this has happened with the phone line, first time for the phone line and the internet at the same time,

T Other internet providers and cable TV carriers are up and running for days. Att Uverse Phone Not Working After accepting the credit she asked if I was satisfied with the service I was provided and I told her no I was not. Mac No Cell phone nashville. Get it together!! :{ Phil8656 Up and down since yesterday in Oklahoma.

At&t Outage Today 2016

Have also twice now completely lost U-Verse connection in past 24 hrs. http://www.attinternetservice.com/resources/troubleshoot-u-verse-voice/ Does this with every little rain storm. At&t Service Outage Map Does anybody know when it's gonna get fixed? At&t Internet Not Working I waited in hold for 30 minutes for the agent to tell me I cannot get a credit for the service interruption.

All channels working besides cbs4 hours agomorgan 📎 @[email protected] @ATT Was supposed to get internet today and nobody showed up. too tired. @thisissamwatts @attcares @att no worries! As of today, we still have wires running through our yard and up the driveway. Melina No phone nor internet service in Livingston, AL since this morning. Att Twitter

Great installation, very professional - no problems there. They have been here 6 times so far, replaced modem twice and upgraded our services, still issues. I’ve had to deal with that when I called for a friend who spoke very little English.Seriously, ** these greedy companies. And it's always different with a different excuse.

I hope they don't think I am paying for these 3 days of no service. Att Uverse No Dial Tone Give him a try. And they already have a new box on it's way…I just know it's going to be all kinds of painful return the new box and make sure they don't charge me

I mean it's almost 6 am.

Several times a day. Each time it briefly comes on, there is a dump of texts and voice mails, then the phone goes out for another 24 hours. Prior, my dad had his own router, and I do believe it was with another company. Cell Phone Outage Today If you still don't get a dial tone, plug your phone directly into the back of the Wi-Fi Gateway.

Joe A All ATT inverse and network is down in Raleigh NC. Is there an outage in this area? ATT Network status reports for Saturday 12th of November 2016To find out if ATT Network is down right now, see reports below.Problems with ATT Network? Not good!

Brooke Logansport, IN. Patrick Groom No cell service at all in barstow ca. I also had to have the lines buried and they tore up my yard and haven't come to fix it. I settled everything & was assured service would return shortly.

Intermittent network and TV quality issues for the past 3 days. Goes directly to voicemail. If they do, I will do without.Helpful?YesNoAndia of Graphic Blovd, NJ on Oct. 28, 2016Satisfaction RatingI have wasted hundreds of dollars and my precious time on disputing my account with representatives If it's only affecting the phone it could be wiring to the RG (phone side), interference, etc I talked with Matt today.

Jerod Chadwick Down in Madison Wisconsin nothing working Bella Rhule have net just no cell single paducah ky Melissa WV nothing is working Karren P. In addition when I attempt to compose a text message digital keyboard shows no letters; therefore I am unable to compose and send any text messages. I am getting no sound / no dial tone on my phone. My line of service came back on around 1:00-1:30 a.m.