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Firefox keeps creating ~/Desktop even when this is not desired Firefox uses ~/Desktop as the default place for download and upload files. Set spellchecker.dictionary to your language of choice, for instance en_GB. try to platy a video on Youtube.com {module user9-footer}

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Set the value to 2. You can prevent this by doing the following: Type about:config into the address bar. If you have multiple sound devices (a very common example is having a sound card and HDMI output in the video card), then your preferred device may have a different number. search in AUR Chromium Dev Channel -- the development version https://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/ || chromium-devAUR Chromium snapshot builds -- the untested nightly version https://build.chromium.org/ || chromium-snapshot-binAUR Chromium with VA-API support -- with a read this article

Arch Linux Flash Chromium

See GStreamer#Installation for the description of each plugin. Gnash Gnash is a free (libre) alternative to Adobe Flash Player. MIME types: application/futuresplash:spl:FutureSplash Player application/x-shockwave-flash:swf:Shockwave Flash Gecko Mediaplayer gecko-mediaplayer is free software (GPL), distributed together with most Linux distributions. For example if the default version is jre7 and you want use jre8: #!/bin/sh export PATH=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk/jre/bin/:$PATH exec /path/to/application "[email protected]" Package pre-requisites to support archlinux-java This section is targeted at packager willing

Install another browser to use any Java plugin. This may solve a rendering issue of Java GUIs occurring in window managers like Awesome or Dwm or Ratpoison. $ wmname LG3D You must restart the application in question after issuing To enable Java support in your browser, you have two options: the open-source OpenJDK (recommended) or Oracle's proprietary version. Google Chrome Arch Linux There are versions available in the AUR.

The most recent package without SSE2 is flashplugin- Arch Linux Firefox Flash Lightspark can be установлен with the package lightsparkAUR[ссылка недействительна: сохранено в aur-mirror] or lightspark-gitAUR. Another one might be menus responding to your click, but closing immediately. Package name Use java-openjfx Java OpenJFX 8 client application platform (open-source implementation of JavaFX) java-openjfx-doc OpenJFX javadoc java-openjfx-src OpenJFX sources Flagging packages as out-of-date Although the Arch Linux package releases may

For a useful starting point, see e.g custom user.js which is targeted at privacy/security conscious users. Arch Install Aur Then, you will need to alter the adobe flash-plugin binary, which is commonly located at /lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so. If not, repeat some or all of the previous steps. If this is not enough, you may need to change 2 values in about:config: Change pdfjs.disabled's value to true; Change plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types's value to an empty value.

Arch Linux Firefox Flash

To make your sound card the default for ALSA, create the file .asoundrc in your home directory, with the following content: ~/.asoundrc pcm.!default { type hw card 1 } ctl.!default { https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Browser_plugins_(%D0%A0%D1%83%D1%81%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B8%D0%B9) Note: If you find that Gnash does not work properly right out of the box, then you may also need to install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg from the official repositories. Arch Linux Flash Chromium Setting an email client Inside the browser, mailto links by default are opened by a web application such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Archlinux Firefox To accomplish this, it uses external programs such as MPlayer, xine, Evince, OpenOffice, TiMidity, etc.

What to do if it does not work Try asking in the My Opera Forums. navigate here Note: Be sure to also choose LibreOffice as your preferred application to open doc files. If you want to use MozPlugger with Evince, for example, you have to find the lines containing pdf in the /etc/mozpluggerrc file and modify the corresponding line after GV() as below: Also, there are localizations available in many languages. 32-bit Adobe Acrobat Reader is only available as a 32-bit binary. Chromium-pepper-flash

You should then consider sandboxing Firefox using the sandfoxAUR package See the sandfox homepage for usage information. A stupid cipher? Contents 1 Installing 2 Add-ons 2.1 Adding search engines 2.1.1 arch-firefox-search 2.2 GNOME Keyring integration 3 Configuration 3.1 Multimedia playback 3.2 Dictionaries for spell checking 3.3 KDE integration 4 Plugins 5 Check This Out If you want to use MozPlugger with Evince, for example, you have to find the lines containing pdf in the /etc/mozpluggerrc file and modify the corresponding line after GV() as below:

To use OpenJDK, you have to install the IcedTea browser plugin, icedtea-web. Mozplugger Not the answer you're looking for? To modify or add applications to be used by MozPlugger just modify the /etc/mozpluggerrc file.

it is not recognized by the browser), you can try this solution.

Impersonate another window manager You may use the wmname from suckless.org to make the JVM believe you are running a different window manager. Notes: Anything on that page might be in troubleshooting section as well, so let us keep the info in one place. (Discuss in Talk:Firefox#) When using a dark GTK+ theme, one However, on this page we give additional instructions for those who prefer to install the plug-in manually. Arch Java To add a new directory to the plug-in path, select Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content, click on "Plug-in options", and "Change path".

If you choose the .tar file, you need to unpack ittar xvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz and copy libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib/opera/plugins. share|improve this answer answered Dec 6 '12 at 8:56 Hantabaru 527 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote Try the following command: pacman -S jre7-openjdk share|improve this answer edited Jan One drawback of the above approach is that it is not applied system-wide. http://theweblive.net/arch-linux/arch-linux-pulseaudio.html Invocation of java and other binaries will rely on this Java install.

Restart Firefox and see if it solved the problem. Edit: I'm running a Raspberry Pi with an ARM processor and I'm hoping to get a Java build that is tailored for its hardware and uses the OS hardware floating point General principles of manual installation The general procedure for manual installation is the following: Download and install the plug-in Configure Opera so that it can find the plug-in Restart Opera Instructions To do so, packages should: Place all files under /usr/lib/jvm/java-${JAVA_MAJOR_VERSION}-${VENDOR_NAME} Ensure all executables for which java-runtime-common and java-environment-common provide links are available in the corresponding package Ship links from /usr/bin to

GNOME Keyring integration Install mozilla-extension-gnome-keyring-gitAUR (all-JavaScript implementation) to integrate Firefox with GNOME Keyring. It is your Gate to the the world of Linux/Unix and Opensource in General. Privacy policy About ArchWiki Disclaimers HomePackagesForumsWikiBugsAURDownload Chromium From ArchWiki Jump to: navigation, search Related articles Chromium/Tips and tricks Browser plugins Firefox Opera Chromium is an open-source graphical web browser from "The and here is what my arch on raspi shows [[email protected] ~]# pacman -Ss openjdk extra/openjdk6 6.b24_1.11.4-1 Free Java environment based on OpenJDK 6.0 with IcedTea6 replacing binary plugs. [[email protected] ~]# share|improve

To avoid this issue simply export VDPAU_NVIDIA_NO_OVERLAY=1 within either your shell profile (e.g. ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zprofile) or ~/.xinitrc Flash Player: videos not working on older systems If you have Adobe Flash Pepper Flash is the Flash Player plugin, using the new Pepper plugin API. This can be fixed with the following options: -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on, -Dswing.aatext=true See Java Runtime Environment fonts for more detailed information. Waiting for Firefox 50 and then remove it.

Unreadable input fields with dark GTK+ themes This article or section is a candidate for merging with Firefox tweaks#Appearance. For Chromium and Google Chrome it is available as extension in the Chrome Web Store. Configuration To change the preferences (privacy settings, resource usage, etc.) of Flash Player, right click on any embedded Flash content (for instance adobe's flash home) and choose Settings from the menu. Lightspark Lightspark is another attempt to provide a free alternative to Adobe Flash aimed at supporting newer Flash formats.