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Arch Add User To Sudoers


Command for setting HDMI1 connected monitor to right next to notebook monitor is as follows: xrandr --output HDMI1 --right-of LVDS1 --preferred --primary --output LVDS1 --preferred. View current settings Run sudo -ll to print out the current sudo configuration, or sudo -lU user for a specific user. For something normal use gpicview. In particular such a line should be after the %wheel line if your user is in this group. have a peek here

To do this, just run: Advertisement Advertisement arch-chroot /mnt Next, create the locale files by running:nano /etc/locale.gen By default, everything has been commented out with a #, but you can scroll I think I've tried everything listed here and in the referenced links, but I still have the problem of my system rejecting my password for some uses of sudo and kdesu If you use an SSD, you can just make one partition on the SSD for your boot drive and one on a bigger HDD for your files. Sold my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and buyer says images are not in focus Possible repercussions from assault between coworkers outside the office Coworker throwing cigarettes out of a car,

Arch Add User To Sudoers

In fact, being simple to use is one of the best characteristics a modern OS can have—for the average PC user. To quit from i3 back to console press Windows+Shift+E or Ctrl+Alt+Del. I think the moderators can move it over for you, but I'm not sure. We also want to add regular user (think about it as a god who is creating humans).

arch-linux sudo su share|improve this question asked Feb 3 '13 at 13:21 Mahmoud Hossam 265312 What is the output of stat "$(command -v su)" "$(command -v sudo)"? –Chris Down Why can curcumin cross the blood-brain barrier, but not congo red? See [1] for a list of options (parsed from the version 1.8.7 source code) in a format optimized for sudoers. Sudo Config Raspberry Pi It will download and install packages.

HomePackagesForumsWikiBugsAURDownload Sudo From ArchWiki Jump to: navigation, search Related articles Users and groups su sudo allows a system administrator to delegate authority to give certain users—or groups of users—the ability to Add User Arch Linux The easiest way to partition is to use GParted. for g in power network;do;gpasswd -a joe $g;done for g in network power storage;do;gpasswd -a admin $g;done Set permissions on configs so devel can edit them. her latest blog Leave the first partition as it is, and expand the second to as large as you desire within the space available on your card.

I've included my /etc/sudoers file below.My problem may be associated with screwing around with users: I started out using bruce (1000), then switched to bbraley (1001), then deleted bruce in kusers, Visudo Add User To check if you are connect, try ping google.com. So, we're going to need to mount them as such. Mount Extra Partitions If you put a separate /home partition on your SD card, you need to specify where to mount it.

Add User Arch Linux

more hot questions question feed lang-sh about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Type: visudo and find this line: # %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL and delete # character (for future reference, this means to "uncomment line"). Arch Add User To Sudoers This will ensure that you don't get any sound distortion. Arch Linux Root Password After a key is generated you can update with: # pacman -Syu It will update your repositories, and prompt you for permission to update any out of date programs.

Type n, then p for primary, 2 for the second partition on the drive, and then press ENTER twice to accept the default first and last sector. navigate here All that's left is to install your desktop environment of choice. It will look like this %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL. Type p to list partitions. Arch Linux Root Login

Resolve which disc you want to use - I recommend you to use the first one, which is usually called /dev/sda. While this is a sane default if no custom umask is in use, this can lead to situations where a utility run by sudo may create files with different permissions than We'd like to start i3 (startx) after logging in after boot. Check This Out See the "Including other files from within sudoers" section of sudoers(5) for details.

Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs. How To Use Visudo This is a special repository that combines apps that aren't in the official repositories, managed by Arch's user. Now you should create swap on the disk. # mkswap /dev/sdX# Where # is the partiton number.

On a cautionary note, Arch moves forward as technology evolves, and this can sometimes lead to documentation lagging behind.

Without a tty, sudo cannot disable echo when prompting for a password. partitions on disc which is currently used. I recommend you 40GB-50GB for system and rest for home. Visudo Nano And it does violate our Forum Etiquette: Do Not Flame.-- bernarcher Last edited by bernarcher (2012-06-17 13:14:12) "How to Succeed with Linux"I have made a personal commitment not to reply in

sudo can grant you superusers privileges. Change it to something at least fairly secure, but rememberable. # passwd Modify System Files Arch uses a handful of files to control the startup scripts. You need to adjust it to your case. this contact form We will make this also for root by chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh.

If you're installing Arch on a UEFI-based motherboard (instead of a BIOS-based motherboard) or if you're dual-booting, you may want to do some extra reading before continuing, as everyone's setup is It is better to be technically elegant with a higher learning curve, than to be easy to use and technically [inferior]." -Aaron Griffin Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem or "Entities I've also used it to repurpose some old PCs for my mother around the house and it's easy enough for even non-geeks to use. But there's another easy way using file manager.

Alternatively, KDE users can also use the built-in Kwin just by going to System Settings.Our Lifehacker Pack for Linux and our App Directory: For finding all the best apps to get Fonts¶ Install ttf-dejavu ttf-inconsolata. The steps described here assume typical usage, and if you're not already familiar with the system are recommended. terminfo is just for some compatibility issues with sshing and screen.

I recommend you to use two partitions for Arch Linux. Always edit it with visudo to prevent errors. That is, when faced with a choice between more efficient code and a simpler experience for the average computer user, Arch will always choose the former. red URxvt*color1 : #CC0000 URxvt*color9 : #EF2929 !

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